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Address: Lanxigu community 2-1-1503,the east Second ring road,Yuhua district,Shijiazhuang city.
The chairman/general manager: Yan Xianfeng

Mobile: 18631929219


Mr. Yan, Miss Wang

Tel: 0311-69023050



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Attaches great importance to talent, respect for talent, train talent, for human resources to human capital into space provides a good learning and practice. 
Company perennial pay: 
1, senior management personnel, with college degree or above, 3 years working experience in the industry, age under 40. 
2, financial personnel, college degree or above, proficient in business accounting, taxation, strong interpersonal communication skills, age under 40. 
3, operation workers, require high school or above, major in physical quality is good, no record of the social bad behavior and gender unrestricted, age below 35 years old.