08/23/2013: Its been 2 years since we haven't done any updates to the site /: sorry about that! but... Anyhow we would be updating the site. Thinking about converting the site to responsive & a few other things will change around here :) stay tune!
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08/24/2011: Hello guys! Its exactly one month for my bday! :) It's been a long time since I update this web site. I'm working on tumblr themes so check back later!

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MySpace Animal Print Double Background Layout

MySpace Animal Print Double Background Layout - MYSPACELYTS.NET
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teal zebra print 2.0 Myspace Layout

Description: If you like layouts with teal zebra print then you'll love this 2.0 layout! This is a Animal Print Double Background 2.0 MySpace Layout with teal zebra print. If it doesn't match what you want you should check out our other Animal Print MySpace 2.0 Layouts.


Select Your Favorite Style:

Normal Layout Code
White Tables 2.0 Default Code
White Tables Skinny 2.0 Layout Code
Black Tables 2.0 Default Code
Black Tables Skinny 2.0 Layout Code

teal zebra print 3.0 Myspace Layout

To use this Background for your 3.0 profile follow the directions below! background URL:

Step 1: log in to myspace & click customize profile
Step 2: click the build my own theme tab
Step 3: click change type a URL
Step 4: paste the backgrounds URL & click done
Step 5: make sure "tile background" is checked & your done! :)
you might wanna add colors and what not to finish it up :p

teal zebra print Twitter Layout

1. Save the background to your computer click here!
2. Log in to Twitter & click "Settings" > "Design"
3. Click "Change background image"
4. Browse & find the saved background on your computer.
5. Make sure "tile background" is checked, save and your done! =)

More Layout codes

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teal zebra print Scroll Boxes

Black Text
text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here
White Text
text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here text here

teal zebra print Comment Boxes

White Text

Black text

Tags: teal zebra print zebra print animal print retro vintage victorian stripes funky