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 Top 15 Likes

I love Bandidos tattoos! - 6486 hits
ur ugly.. go die in a hole. - 5279 hits
just stfu already. - 4570 hits
that feeling you get when someone you like calls you. - 3699 hits
Oh .. GROW UP! - 3602 hits
Looking down at your cell phone to avoid someone walking by. - 3329 hits
Nothing thats worthwhile is ever easy. - 3278 hits
for real?!?!... no for fake. - 3190 hits
Nobody dies a virgin..Life fucks everybody. - 3000 hits
stop complaining and do something about it!! - 2994 hits
You always have a choice. Its just that some people make the wrong one. - 2944 hits
I love Bandidos tattoos!!! - 2943 hits
I only want YOU. - 2918 hits
looking sexy - 2865 hits
I love you more than there are stars in the sky and fish in the sea. - 2864 hits

 15 Most Recent Likes

lol youre very funny - 36 hits
I Like Woman Who Like To Have Fun - 400 hits
i wuvu mwe mwommie awnd mwe dwaddiemwe was born on November 720123 - 498 hits
fight for your dreams - 604 hits
.....Rishbala...... - 607 hits
Lol was up people lol - 848 hits
Machine Gun Kelly - 922 hits
- 595 hits
Name: Mrinmoy ChakmaGender: MaleAge: 20Relationship Status: Single (Not Looking)Location: Agartala India (Born & Raised)Height: 5ft 8DrinkSmoke: YesYes - 1071 hits
No shoes no shirt and i still get service WAH!!!! - 1396 hits
ur ugly.. go die in a hole. - 5279 hits
Click! If you want to save in your Cell Phone Repair! - 1030 hits
When ma babe calls me..da sound of her sweet voice always puts a smile on ma i will not eva hurt u..i will do everything to make u happy...this is not a rush...but i kno i wanna be wit u..and i will sho u how real i am when i come out - 1250 hits
swag in the bucket of minaj - 1402 hits